“Improvisational Queen From a Doll I”

“Dolls, Culture and Imagination” I’ve designated the year 2015 to be the time I explore making drawings and paintings utilizing my doll collection and imagination. This week one doll has created a theme of Queens. Each painting is a different take on a portrait using a doll that seems to be in aFrench maid’s uniform from one or two centuries ago. On January 5th or 6th I made this one: “Improvisational Queen From a Doll I” 6″ x 6″ x 1 1/2″; acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas; January 6, 2015; Diana Mae Potts. Enjoy! Diana


“Dolls and Culture”: 2015 Yearlong Project

In 2014 a friend texted me saying that she found a couple of bags full of dolls from all over the world from around the 1960s at a yard sale and would I want them. She knew that I already have a collection of ethnic dolls. The price was really low and I said yes.

I love big projects and figured that this coming year’s project would be to do art based on these dolls or using them as stepping stones for ideas.

I’ve gathered materials and art supplies for doing this and have a couple of places set up in my home/studio to work in.

Some pieces will be big, some will be smaller and they will be on canvas or paper.

The theme will be about exploring cultures and the interactions between them and making openings to appreciate diversity in the world through art.

The first piece will be posted here in the coming days.

Please stop by…


“Male Samurai Youth”; 2008

“Male Samurai Youth”; graphite on Arches paper; March, 2008 by Diana Mae Potts.

This is a graphite drawing of the head of a samurai doll I got on eBay several years ago. The former online copies of it were done on a scanner that scanned it very lightly. This is a better copy.

An online copy was on my Barryville Are Arts Alliance website as the photo of my art for my profile there. It had an artist statement along with it. I saw this a few days ago. It has since disappeared.

Several weeks ago I met someone in a local food market parking lot and told him about my art projects of drawing dolls some of which are Japanese. He asked me if I am “the samurai lady of Lackawaxen”.

I thought this was an interesting question especially because he is a federal law enforcement agent. And no, I’m not being investigated or questioned.

I’m thinking the local police simply browse through the local websites to get to know the people in the area. So, I guess I have this title which is funny. I only draw samurai and possess no other attributes.

Now that I have figured out why anyone from law enforcement, in their humorous way of talking among themselves about individual people, brought up a fun nickname for me that my art inspired, it brings a twinkle to my eye.

Right now, for some reason my profile that I put together has disappeared from the BAAA website. I’ll try to fix that in the coming days.

By the way more Japanese related art is in the works now. For the time being, enjoy this one.

And have a fun day!


12″ x 24″; acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas; “Protector”; 2013; Diana Mae Potts.

September 29, 2013; Full Sketch Page of Mid Morning Deer

This morning I looked out my window to seeing a deer sleeping on my front lawn and some more resting in the adjoining woods. While prepping to get to a possible sleeping deer drawing she changed position but I took the opportunity to draw what I saw anyway.

Here is the full page of some deer sketches. The following posts are details from this page.


September 29, 2013; Deer Sketch Detail from Page

Out in the woods, laying on soft moss under a pine bough was this deer. I had a hard time with her tail end and getting the length of her torso right. However these sketches are study and practice where mistakes can happen. The point is to go on and not dwell on this mistake by erasing or fixing. The deer always has another interesting pose to work from with just a turn of the head.


September 29, 2013; Deer Sketch Page Detail

She looked so relaxed here as I drew her. I may make this one up into a painting or something.


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