DECEMBER 8, 2010:

11:30AM-  Practise and warm-up of conte pastel pencils in a newsprint pad.

Afternoon and evening:   Studied a Leonardo Da Vinci  chalk drawing on gesso and did some sketches from its details.


December 9, 2010:

A non art day as my other part time business was the item of the day.


December 10:

A non art day for other work plus office work and housework.


December 11 & 12:

Non art weekend for errands and chores.


December 13, 2010:

Practised working with Conte pastel pencils and crayons with silverpoint.  Applied ground for a new work on paper for silverpoint and Conte.


December 15, 2010:

Reorganising my online presence so it is more presentable and understandable.


December 20, 2010:

I made rice based gesso this weekend and then today I brushed the first layers on some small board panels I got at Walmart a few years ago.  Tomorrow, I will brush some more layers and then test to see if the silverpoint will go on dark enough.  If not I will have to put in more calcium carbonate.  There may be too much glue solution in the gesso.


December 25, 2010:

I burnt sienna gessoed some small panels today from rice glue based gesso I made from scratch.  This is to prepare them for making the doll drawings.  The pigment is medium so that a chiaroscura work can be made tomorrow.


December 26, 2010:

On one of the sienna gessoed panels I silverpointed a sketch of the doll and then put yellow ochre in the white gesso and painted in the body, hair and dress parts of the doll to be detailed in tomorrow.


December 27, 2010:

The “Tiny Forlorn Doll”  painting/drawing is almost finished.  It is made of traditional gesso in burnt sienna, calcium carbonate, silverpoint, Japanese gold ink, Chinese sepia and a couple of other pigments.  I’ll be finishing it tomorrow.


December 28, 2010

Finished “Priscilla- Tiny Forlorn Doll”.   Posted it on this blog and on in the Works in Progress section of the privat boards there. 


December 29, 2010

Researched a lot online about tempera paint.  Cooked up some more rice glue for gesso.  Gessoed two bare panels and applied more gesso to panels that already have some.  Am thinking about making art by crosshatching with a tiny brush in tempera on one of the panels as an experiment in my improvisational works.


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