“Dolls and Culture”: 2015 Yearlong Project

In 2014 a friend texted me saying that she found a couple of bags full of dolls from all over the world from around the 1960s at a yard sale and would I want them. She knew that I already have a collection of ethnic dolls. The price was really low and I said yes.

I love big projects and figured that this coming year’s project would be to do art based on these dolls or using them as stepping stones for ideas.

I’ve gathered materials and art supplies for doing this and have a couple of places set up in my home/studio to work in.

Some pieces will be big, some will be smaller and they will be on canvas or paper.

The theme will be about exploring cultures and the interactions between them and making openings to appreciate diversity in the world through art.

The first piece will be posted here in the coming days.

Please stop by…


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