Photos of a Lifetime

A fine art in China is carving the stamps that are the small red squares (usually) found on ink paintings and important documents in China. I have always wanted to see someone do that by hand. Yesterday, while enjoying Old Luoyang City I found a man in his calligraphy and painting shop carving one. I asked him if I could take his picture and he nodded yes.

You are seeing a very refined and ancient art here almost as old as China. If I were to write a book about this trip and everything I learned and saw, this would be the cover.


One thought on “Photos of a Lifetime

  1. haha.. I’ve read that book-writing is a month-long endeavour only if you are Ian Fleming. Otherwise for the rest of us it’s deifnitely years. I have two books in progress one is five years into the process and the other is about two and the latter is a historical novel so I expect another year or two before it can be completed; my wife is ten years into her series.But be it books, comics, or blogs, it gets easier and more rewarding the more you work at it; and the more you read other good blogs such as yours

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