3 thoughts on “20120540

  1. I am hoping to eat lunch at Sunshine Seasons when we go in late November, and if the strrwbeary shortcake is still on the menu, I’d definitely like to give it a try. It looks wonderful! I love that they use fresh strawberries the mushy texture of strrwbeary topping doesn’t appeal to me, but fresh strawberries are another story. YUM.

  2. Outstanding! When something works, just renicorfe it,right? Point out how well everything went when they chose a certain action and how if they choose that again they can have a similar result. but i dont understand why the viewpoint changed drastically.

  3. I enjoyed the conference call discussion. I would like to add something that others may find helpful, who tend to eat out frequently due to busy schedules, like me. I have a smartphone and dowloaded the app called Calorie Counter. When we go out to a chain restaurant, I generally can look up most items that I’m thinking about ordering to get nutritional info, such as calories, fat, carbs, sugar, protein and fiber based on a serving size. Although the app doesn’t list ingredients in the food, it’s still a good guide to help with meal selection. For example, a cheese quesadilla appetizer from a local restaurant may have 1300 calories – and that’s just an appetizer! My husband use to occasionally order that as his main dinner selection, but he doesn’t order it anymore since I told him how many calories it has. Unfortunately my husband isn’t as health conscious as I am, but it’s a wonderful surprise to know that he will now ask me to look up the nutritional info on an item if it isn’t published on the menu before he decides what to order. More & more restaurants are including some nutritional info on their menus, which is also great. I’m sure there’s other phone apps that provide similar information and for those who don’t have a smart phone, you can usually find nutritional info on the restaurant’s website. Let me know if anyone has other recommendations for nutritional apps/websites.

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