Some pictures from the Forbidden City

These are a few pictures.



4 thoughts on “Some pictures from the Forbidden City

  1. Hi DIana!This is so very sweet.I am just sure your hubby is a great guy & also a lucky one to have such a wonderful wife as you. What is ltltie Cole up to? Any new art work with Mom?Hugs, Diane

  2. I’ve done several postings on my blog about photographers and their cameras. The ones about dead photographers haven’t drawn any flack. Recently, I posted a tribute to the Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim in the Flickr group devoted to that camera. I was immediately assailed by three or four participants who objected to my assertions that the camera had a great wide-angle lens with virtually no distortion or aberrations, and that it was not generally subject to light leaks or other serious deficiencies. So, I guess if it makes good photos, it’s gotta be crap. Considering the obverse, should I start getting rid of my collection of Zeiss Ikon equipment?

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