November 15, 2010: Samurai Youth Doll Head

5 thoughts on “November 15, 2010: Samurai Youth Doll Head

    • so dude. maybe this is just because i’m a huge vegmodaie nerd but when i first saw this i thought this could be a rad RPG or even a Brawler where you go around repo-ing bad robots in rad side-scroller fashion.anyway, the fastest way i could probably play this is if you made it into a book, which got made into a movie, which got made into a game seriously though, i’d love to PLAY this. just putting that out there. heh.

    • Hi Elaine.Sorry so long to reply. I still like wind and solar and if there is an appropriate stream water even. In my farther out dream is Zero Point energy. 5 years ago it was pretty underground and mostly commented on in a conspiracy context. Kind of like the 50mpg carburator we used to hear about in the 70′s and 80′s. This one has a “National Security” twist instead of greedy corporation twist. Check the Wiki here: Now there are people claiming they have plans or will show you how to build on You Tube. So there is a massive influx of crap information around something that people like Buckminster Fuller and Nikola Tessla alluded to and is very likely valid, but beyond the programmed line of thinking about how physics and electricity specifically ‘works’.

    • Hi! I would just like to suggest a futeare where one can extract a month’s worth of photo into one picture (sort of a thumbnail with all of the month’s pictures. This would make it easier to post in websites, such as facebook, and easier to see one’s progress in a month because you’re looking at a full month’s worth of pictures.).Thank you.

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