Third Try

Let’s Try This Again.

3 thoughts on “Third Try

  1. Of the three versions of this drawing in this blog, this one is the closest to the original in values and personality. I used GIMP to get it to be correct. The older scanner which is the first image way down here, makes it too light also which isn’t like the original.

    Now for the Golden Pheasant drawing, the scan I have here is awful. The original has very rich hues for the jewell tones. For the time being I am going to do graphit drawings until I can make my colored pencil drawings like the originals on the scanner. Or at least I will make a body of work and then photograph them with a 35mm camera.

  2. This looks really nice Diana . I’m not sure what it is though, a fabric study? Fur? Either way it doesn’t matter, it’s very interesting.

  3. Hi Vicky, It’s a detailed drawing of a Japanese samurai doll. Kimonos have a lot of folds and sleeves and such. The fabric is silk brocade patterns in the Momyama style which was very bold. This was the style of kimono during the same period that the movie Shogun was in. This drawing is one of 25 drawings of one doll I am doing. This one I got on eBay a couple of years back and is from Okinawa.

    I am glad you enjoyed it.

    More is coming, probably on Saturday.


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